To make updo's:

  1. Use a 4mm Blax elastic to wrap a ponytail on top or in back of head. (ref. 2967)
  2. Next, wrap and twist ponytail around hair elastic.
  3. Pin or use clawettes to hold down tail.
  4. Then pin or use clawettes to grip down hair on all sides of the bun.

    Tip: Before wrapping hair, make one to four miniature braids in hair for a decorative look. Wrap the ends of the braids with 2 mm mini Blax. (Ref.3021, 3023, 3025)


More updo's

  1. Divide hair in four sections, and band a one section close to the scalp using 2 mm Blax hair elastic.
  2. Continue with he remaining sections as in step 1. (ref. 3028)
  3. Next, twist each section and continue to twist until hair is tightly wrapped. (Ref.3029, 3030)
  4. Pin each section down underneath, adding additional pins where needed. (Ref.3031, 3033, 3009)

    Tip: Also add a skinny headband to updo's, or double up on thin headbands. (Ref.3009)

Lattis Weave

  1. Using 2mm Blax, gather a small portion of hair from the bangs & sideburns and tie it with elastic. Position the section of hair in center and top of head. Imagine that the top portion of head is now divided into three sections. (Ref.2964, 2965)
  2. Next, split the first ponytail section in half, then grab a half section of the ponytail in section two of the head and combine with section one. Band the ponytail close to the head and do the same with section three. Now you should have two ponytails. (Ref.2966, 2969, 2970)
  3. Split each of the two ponytails in half, one at a time, from the second layer. Grab a new section from the third layer to create three new ponytails and band each closely to the head. (Ref.2971, 2972, 2973, 2974)
  4. Next, split only the middle ponytail in half and gather it with the side ponytails to create only two ponytails total. Band each close to the head. (Ref.2975)
  5. Finally, band the two ponytails together as one ponytail. (Ref.2976, 2977)

The Sausage Ponytail

  1. Pull hair tight behind the neck and band the ponytail snugly with a 2mm Blax hair elastic.
  2. Band the ponytail again 1" below the first elastic, and flex the ponytail to loosen hair between the elastics to create a puffy effect. (ref. 0001, 0002)
  3. Repeat step two until desired length has been reached. (ref. 0003, 0004)

    Tip: Make sure to loosen the hair located between the elastic, so that the hair has enough of a puffy effect to resemble a sausage, rather than a tube. (ref. 0002)


Flip Ponytail

  1. Tie a ponytail using Blax snagfree or Smoothies Metal Free mini hair elastic. (ref. 3015)
  2. Squeeze two fingers through the body of hair. (ref. 3016, 3017, 3018)
  3. Flip ponytail upwards, and grab with two fingers to pull ponytail through. Pull tightly.
  4. If you desire more tension in the hair after completing step 3, part ponytail in half and pull tightly to desired tension. (ref. 3019, 3020)


Clear Wrap

  1. Pull hair behind neck and wrap with Blax 2mm CLEAR hair elastic band. (ref. 2985)
  2. Cut a clear vinyl or plastic sheath to desired length, and create a tube shape. (ref. 2987)
  3. Wrap the plastic snuggly over the ponytail, and tape the open seam on the underside of the ponytail. (ref. 2988, 2989)

    Tip: Try colored plastic wrap for variation.


Metal Free Double-Loops Ponytail

  1. Tie hair back in a ponytail. (ref. 3001)
  2. Wrap one elastic loop of the Smoothies Metal Free double-loop in hair until secure, trying not to layer elastic over itself. (ref. 3002)
  3. Next, take second elastic loop and wrap again, as in step two. (ref. 3003, 3004)
  4. Slide and pulll elastic down. Separate elastic evenly for a lattis pattern. (ref. 3006, 3007, 3008)

    Tip: This hair design is great for layered hair, or for those who are active in sports. It is great for controlling those fly away hairs.


Skin Ponywraps (Alligator w/ Elastic)

  1. Use Smoothies Ponywrap with attached elastic to tie hair back. (ref. 2948, 2949)
  2. Next, bend the wrap to desired shape around the ponytail. You can make a tube shape or flattened around hair. (ref. 2950)
  3. Great Look!(ref. 2952)


Leather Ponywraps (w/ Velcro)

  1. Pull hair back in to a ponytail using any of our great Blax snagfree or Smoothies Metal Free hair elastics. (ref. 2953)
  2. Next, cover with a luxurious Leather Smoothies Ponywrap. (ref. 2954)
  3. Make sure hair is tightly wrapped with the velcro seam facing down, and hidden underneath ponytail. (ref. 2955, 2956)

    Tip: Ponytail wraps look great when worn high too! (ref. 2958)


Metal Free Hair Colors

  1. Wrap hair in ponytail with a Smoothies Metal Free elastic.
  2. Take a small section, about half an inch, from the underside of the ponytail. If your hair is layered, use the longest section of the ponytail that is layered. (ref. 2992)
  3. Wrap the section of hair that was taken from the ponytail around the elastic, and tuck underneath the ponytail. (ref. 2993, 2994)
  4. From underneath the ponytail, pull elastic and slip the remaining hair section through it creating a pony wrap with your own hair. (ref. 2995, 2997)

    Tip: Wear the ponytail high on your head for a playful, modern look. Wear the ponytail low at the neck for a casual, sophisticated look.


Metal Free Mini

Tip: These hair elastics are great for those who do not prefer to wrap elastics around the ponytail as much. Using the metal free mini elastics give a cleaner, simpler look to the ponytail, with less bulk. This is perfect for accompanying other hair accessories or wrapping smaller amounts of hair.


Metal Free Mini Thin

Tip: Sometimes less is more. Try using metal free mini thins for baby fine hair. Also use these elastics for intricate work.


Roses Metal Free

Tip: When looking for a unique, finishing touch on your ponytails, accent it with a Roses Metal Free! (ref. 2945)


Blax Snag Free Wide Headbands in Clear or Black

Tip: Cool to update or accent long or short hair! (ref. 804)


Metal Free Headbands

  1. Pull Smoothies Metal Free headband over your head and wear close to hairline. (ref. 3013)
  2. If you want a different look, add another headband.

    Tip: Add one or more headbands in addition to a finished updo for a modern look. If you have short hair, you can get a new look by adding a headband too!


Metal Free Elastics: To make updo's

  1. Use a Smoothies Metal Free to wrap a ponytail on top or in back of head. (ref. 2978)
  2. Tease half the ponytail. (ref. 2979, 2980)
  3. Next, wrap and twist ponytail around hair base. (ref. 2981)
  4. Pin with Smoothies matte bobbipins to hold down the tail. (ref. 2982)
  5. Then pin or use Smoothies clawettes to grip down hair on all sides of the bun. (ref. 2984b)


Leather and Mesh Headbands

  1. Tease hair. (ref. 2936)
  2. Smoothen out fizz by lightly combing over surface of hair. (ref. 2937)
  3. Place a Smoothies headband near hairline. (ref. 2941)
  4. Allow headband to frame face. (ref. 2939)


Small Clips

  1. Pull section of hair and clip with a Smoothie Clip. (ref. 2930, 2931, 2935)
  2. Short hair can be clipped for accents.

    Tip: Growing your bangs out? Smoothies clips will make your bangs a high fashion statement!


Hidden Spring Claws

  1. Twist hair and pull up.
  2. If hair is long, continue to twist, until it is tight and close to the scalp.
  3. Grip hair with a Smoothies Hiddenspring Claw. (ref. 2924, 2918)

    Tip: For a clean look, Smoothies Hiddenspring claws are best.


Clawettes: Twist and Clip

  1. Section hair into as many parts as desired.
  2. Twist each section one at a time and add Smoothies Clawettes a few inches apart, from the start of the twist.

    Tip: Make rows at a time! Or use them to hold all your creative work. (ref. 0469)


Clawettes: Bangs

Tip: Just clip back growing bangs. (ref. 2925)


Clawettes: Updo Accents

  1. Tie up hair with elastic.
  2. Twist hair around.
  3. Clip hair with Smoothies Clawettes. (ref. 3024, 450)

    Tip: You can be as creative as you want with these wonderful little clawettes. Twist small locks of hair into tiny knots, or into large knots! Do what feels best. Add more Smoothies Clawettes to hold down as needed, or just add claws for the fun of it! (ref. 456)