In The News:

Look who's talking! We don't need to convince you that we are the one-stop shop for the best in hair accessories. But just in case you were curious, see what the fashionistas are saying about Intuition!

Cosmopolitan magazine August 1997 issue recommends our Smoothies Metal Free hair colored elastics for the latest in ponytail fashion.

Allure magazine October 2000 issue recognizes Smoothies Metal Free ponytail holders as a winning tool. We won the editor's choice award for it!

Glamour magazine March 1999 and August 1999 issues say that our Blax Snag Free hair elastics are "clean" and "inconspicuous."

Teen People magazine March 2001 issue featured our Smoothies Snag Free ponytail holder for the new twist style ponytails.

Instyle magazine March 2001 issue, Blax was a two-time winner of the "Best Beauty Buy." Instyle says Blax are, "Clearly the best in more ways than one. 'Blax clear rubber bands won't snag, and they are virtually invisible in the hair,' says top hairstylist Bernhard Tamme, who has used a blax or two to hold back supermodel Gisele Bundchen's long tresses." Also featured in Instyle October 1988 in their beauty report, they say, "Luke O'Connor, co-owner of Beverly Hills Lukaro Salon, likes Blax Snag-Free hair elastics for Brooke Sheilds' mane."

Paul Mitchell wrote to us himself stating "Blax snag free hair elastics are the Best next to my own hair products!"

What do you have to say about our great hair accessories? Feel free to drop your comments and questions our way. We are always looking to hear what folks are thinking about our products!