Blax snagfree hair elastics virtually glide off your hair when removed! BLAX are sleek and virtually undetectable when used. No wonder the top hair stylists not only use, but endorse BLAX hair elastics. Blax comes in 2mm and 4mm widths, and are available in a clear or black elastic. Also available are Blax ultra thin headbands. Experience snag free hair, and get in on the secret of pacesetting hairstylists everywhere!
    Introducing the finest facial blotting film ever made! With a touch to the skin, BLOTS absorbs three times more oil than blotting tissues without disturbing makeup!
    All of our ponytail holders are strong and durable, suitable for all hair types. Our feature ponytail holders are metal-free, as a result of fantastic new technology that fuses the bands together without the use of any metal. Therefore, there are no metal parts to break or pull hair!