Intuition is more than just a hair accessories line - it's a fashion line. We are dedicated to bringing you new and innovative hair accessories that create a unique style, and a unique you! We bring you what looks good, and more importantly, what feels good, to bring you the coolest and hippest hair accessories. Intuition believes in the staples and standards necessary for the everyday look, as well as the show stopping, look defining hair accessories that show off your creative side.

With our quality French made products, you can do what the top stylists and professionals have been doing for years! From our Blax and Smoothies, to our full line of clips, claws, headbands and barrettes, super star hair can be yours with a flick of the wrist! With over 40 different styles of hair accessories, you won't ever have to do the same look twice. Use your intuition — and get the secret to sexy hair.